Anchor Bank Corporation offers a variety of financial services. Their core competencies include mortgage underwriting, investment management, and lines of credit. Here, the focus is on mortgage rates available via the company. Overall, Anchor Bank Corporation mortgage rates are very reasonable and are available to a variety of customers. This article intends to give up to date mortgage rate information through several loan options. A mortgage rate is a very important variable in financing decisions.

Anchor Bank Mortgage Rates

Rate info is available on Anchor Bank’s mortgage rates page. The following table provides recent information on a hypothetical home loan for $130,000. For simplicity, there are no points put into the estimate. Mortgage timelines are 30 and 15 years, available in fixed and variable-rate scenarios.

Type of Mortgage Rate Interest Rate APR (Annual Percentage Rate) Estimated Monthly Payment
30-year fixed rate 4.250% 4.356% $639.52
15-year fixed rate 3.500% 3.683% $929.35
5/1 ARM 5.250% 5.363% $717.86

*** Note that, even for fixed-rate loans, Anchor Bank mortgage rates and associated payments will vary with the borrower’s credit score, assets, any paid discount points, and prepayments. Users should look up Anchor Bank’s website for latest updates on loan availability and rates.

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Anchor Bank Additional Info

Though a lower monthly payment is enticing, finding the best deal for a borrower is not a straightforward calculation. With a shorter loan and lower interest rate, the borrower deals with significantly less interest expense. Though Anchor Bank mortgage rates are competitive on all timeframes, discussing loan terms and other financial/investment goals with anchor bank personnel could yield unexpected benefits.

In addition, aside from mortgage timeframe, you need to take into consideration the ARM interest rates and rate adjustments to. Anchor Bank’s adjustable rate mortgages offer lower monthly payments that give additional purchase leverage in the first five years of the mortgage. After five years, the outstanding mortgage principal is subject to rate adjustments based on an indexed rate. Though there is a cap on maximum rates an ARM can impose on a borrower, even seemingly small changes in interest rates can result in large monthly payment increases.

Jumbo mortgage rates, 30-year mortgage rates, 15-year mortgage rates, and variable-rate mortgages can be confusing. A mortgage rate calculator that incorporates other homeownership costs such as taxes and insurance can go a long way to simplifying the effect of hypothetical mortgage rate trends and other revisions in the financial landscape.


Anchor bank mortgage rates can give prospective borrowers an edge in many financial maneuvers. Because buying a home tends to be a very large investment for most borrowers, and you need a comprehensive understanding of what affects mortgage terms and payment obligations.

Rates, fixed/variable flexibility, and mortgage timeline can give an estimate of monthly payment obligations, but borrowers need to be aware of the other costs spoken about in the article. As always, individual cases will vary from estimates based on a borrower’s specific financial profile, risk tolerance, and financial goals. Anchor Bank provides knowledgeable and quick customer service that can resolve any confusion regarding home mortgages.