Capital One is a U.S. bank holding company with 755 different branches nationwide. Dating back to 1994, the bank specializes in savings products, credit cards, home loans, auto loans, and banking. The company is the eighth largest banking corporation in the United States, and is based in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Besides its banking services, Capital One also used to provide a range of fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages until November 2017. Beneficial and up-to-date information is provided about Capital One mortgage rates in this article, to help those who started the loan process with Capital One before November 2017.

Capital One Mortgage Rates

Below you will find an overview of Capital One’s latest mortgage rates based on our calculations and the information provided by the bank. Currently, the bank no longer accepts mortgage and home equity applications. Existing loans have been transferred to a new servicer. The information below applies to existing mortgage applications.

Type of Mortgage Rate Interest Rate APR (Annual Percentage Rate) Estimated Monthly Payment
30-Year Fixed Rate 4.250% 4.322% $1,229.85
15-Year Fixed Rate 3.625% 3.731% $1,802.59
7/1 Adjustable Rate 3.750% 3.952% $1,157.79
5/1 Adjustable Rate 3.625% 3.925% $1,140.13

*** Disclaimer: The rates, terms, and fees listed above for Capital One are subject to change without notice, so users should access the bank’s site for the latest updates.

Capital One Mortgage Rates Additional Info

The Capital One ARM interest rates and estimated payments listed in the previous table are based on an assumed loan of $250,000. Because these sample payments do not include taxes and insurance premiums, the actual loan prices will be higher. Depending on individual purchaser and loan conditions, rate adjustments to loans may be possible.

Capital One Mortgage Rates

Capital One Home Mortgage Rates

Up to November 7, 2017, Capital One used to offer both purchase mortgage rates and refinance mortgage rates, as well as fixed and adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs). 30-year mortgage rates or 15-year mortgage rates (but not 20-year mortgage rates) were provided for fixed rate mortgages. Additionally,  clients could receive ARMs in 5-year or 7-year initial term increments.

Capital One mortgage rates were also provided for non-conforming loans, or jumbo loans, for mortgages exceeding $417,000. Jumbo mortgage rates were provided in 15 or 30-year terms. These typically occurred at slightly higher rates than conforming mortgages because they depended on the current market mortgage rates trend for home loans.

The company is currently completing the home loan process for existing customers, but no longer receives new applications. A loan comparison tool and mortgage calculator was also available online to help explain the different aspects of each loan and how it might apply to your current financial standing.

Contact Information

Existing customers can sign in to LoanHub, or call 1-877-464-2151 (existing mortgage applications) or 1-866-435-6299 (existing home equity applications) to check out the status of their loan. The Capital One customer support page also provides a place for customers to find and access more information about recent Capital One mortgage rates, or ask any specific questions they may have.

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