Charles Schwab continues to be one of the most popular business in the world. It opened its first office in 1975 in Sacramento, California. Its services include brokerage transactions. In 1977, the company expanded to Seattle. Throughout the years, the business kept growing and improving their services. You can find the Charles Schwab mortgage rates online, and you can choose from a fixed-rate mortgage, adjustable rate mortgage, or an interest only mortgage. The company provides numerous loan options and competitive rates. You will experience a fast and easy closing process with excellent customer service.

Charles Schwab Current Mortgage Rates

Charles Schwab helps you achieve your financial goals, and that includes your mortgage loan. You can find the current Charles Schwab mortgage rates on their website.

Type of Mortgage Interest APR
(Annual Percentage Rate)
Estimated Monthly Payment
15-year fixed 3.875% 3.998% $1833.60
5/1 ARM 3.375% 3.836% $1105.25
7/1 ARM 3.5% 3.823% $1122.62
10/1 ARM 3.9% 3.996% $1179.18
10-year fixed 3.75% 3.953% $2501.54
20-year fixed 4.125% 4.251% $1531.47
25-year fixed 4.375% 4.506% $1371.91
30-year fixed 4.375% 4.489% $1248.22

*** These rates and terms can fluctuate frequently, so you need to check their website for the latest information regarding mortgage rates.

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Charles Schwab Mortgage Rates Additional Information

You can obtain a fixed rate. With 15-year mortgage rates, 20-year mortgage rates, and 30-year mortgage rates you will have a steady payment throughout the life of the loan, and your rates will not change. You can also obtain an adjustable rate mortgage. With this option, your home mortgage rate will fluctuate throughout the life of the loan, so your payments could increase or decrease. The mortgage rate trend is just so unpredictable, so if you get an adjustable rate, make sure you can make the payments if the rate increases.

Charles Schwab also offers refinance mortgages. Refinance mortgage rates are low, so you can lower your monthly payment or pay off your loan quicker with a refinance loan. You can also purchase mortgage rates with the company. Jumbo loans are also available, and jumbo mortgage rates from Charles Schwab can help you afford to purchase an expensive home.

The closing process is quick and simple. Charles Schwab works with a team from Quicken Loans to close your home loan in less than 40 days. You can sign and upload all documents electronically. The website is user-friendly, so you can have access to information about your loan.

You can find a Charles Schwab mortgage rate calculator on their website. This will help you determine the exact cost of the loan.


Charles Schwab mortgage rates are some of the best in the world. With the company, you will have access to excellent customer service and support whenever you have any questions. You can easily apply and get pre-approved for the loan, and you can lock in your mortgage rate. You will receive updates on your loan status. When the loan is approved, you can finalize and sign the documents. You can then enjoy the benefits that come with home ownership.