Back in 1960 in San Diego, Guild Mortgage was founded by Martin Gleich. They worked with the name “Guardian Mortgage” before switching to “Guild”. Over five decades, the company expanded to become a nationally recognized mortgage company, boasting over 250 locations in the U.S. In an effort to make things easier and open to their clients, Guild Mortgage offers a way to view your account with them completely online. Reaching the Guild Mortgage account login page is simple. If you are looking for help with this process, however, you can follow along with the guides below.

Guild Mortgage Account Login Steps

It is a seamless process to reach the Guild Mortgage account login page. Follow along with the steps below to see exactly how to get there:

  1. Go to the official Guild Mortgage website.
  2. Near the upper right-hand corner, find My Account Login.
  3. Once at the login screen, enter your Username and Password.
  4. You are given the option to select “remember me” if you want to.
  5. Click on the Login button to sign into your account.

Guild Mortgage Mobile Mortgage Account Login Steps

Although the company does not have an official app for either Apple or Android devices, you can still log into your Guild Mortgage account through a mobile device. This is done by using any web browser. Take a look at the steps below if you need further information:

  1. Open up your browser of choice and search for Guild Mortgage.
  2. Once at their website, select My Account Login found near the top.
  3. Scroll until you see the section to enter your Username and Password.
  4. As a choice, you can select the “remember me” box.
  5. Once finished with your credentials, tap on Login.

Customer Support & Useful Links

The Guild Mortgage account login process is a basic one, but technical difficulties can come up. If so, then you may need to troubleshoot or reach out to support for help solving the matter. You can find the tools to do so below:

  • Usually, the first methods to turn to if you are experiencing login complications is resetting your credentials. To do this, you can click on Forgot Username or Forgot Password and go from there.
  • If you have some questions concerning the Guild Mortgage official website, you can reach some support through email at
  • To talk with a Customer Service Agent for account trouble, you can call them at 1-800-365-4441. They are available Mon-Fri, 7:30AM-5PM PT. These dates can change depending on holidays.

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Guild Mortgage aims to make things easier for their clients by making the mortgage account login process simpler. You can do it on the computer or take your account with you anywhere through your mobile device. There is even help available weekly if you happen to run into trouble accessing your account. That paired with the walkthroughs above should help you reach your Guild Mortgage account login with no difficulty.