Founded in 1994, and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Nationstar provides residential mortgage products, and a variety of loan options and refinancing solutions. Home-buyers need a credit score of 620, a down payment of 20%, and 24-month minimum employment to qualify.  This article shows you the latest Nationstar mortgage rates, based on the information available on the company’s website and our calculations.

Nationstar Current Mortgage Rates

Before you get a home loan, you need to check and compare the interest rates to make sure you get the lowest rates possible. Here are the current Nationstar mortgage rates.

Type of Mortgage Rate Interest Rate APR (Annual Percentage Rate) (Annual Percentage Rate) Estimated Monthly Payment
30-year fixed 3.87% 4.17% $1218.17
20-year fixed 3.50% 3.80% $1488.73
15-year fixed 3.00% 3.22% $1753.03
7/1 ARM 3.12% 4.02% $1196.42
5/1 ARM 2.75% 3.97% $1189.22

***Rates, terms, and fees are subject to change at any time without notice. Therefore, access the website for the latest information.

Nationstar Mortgage Rates Additional Information

Nationstar offers various types of mortgage: fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages, VA mortgages, FHA mortgages, and Jumbo mortgages. The most common type of loan is the fixed rate conventional loan, with a length of 30, 20, 15, or 10 years. Customers need good credit scores, and a down payment of 20% to benefit from the best rates. Those who do not meet these requirements, however, can opt for USDA, VA or FHA loans.

Home-buyers can also refinance their mortgage with Nationstar. Those who want to lower their rates and shorten the life of their look can take a look at Nationstar refinance mortgage rates

You will want to use the Nationstar mortgage rates calculator to discover how much you will be paying for the loan. Additionally,  you can download the Nationstar mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to access your account from anywhere. 

Monthly Mortgage Payment Example

Type of Mortgage Rate 30-year fixed rate 20-year fixed rate 15-year fixed rate
Mortgage Amount $250,000 $250,000 $250,000
Interest Rate 3.87% 3.50% 3.00%
APR (Annual Percentage Rate) 4.17% 3.80% 3.22%
Number of Payments 360 240 180
Average Monthly Payment $1218.17 $1488.73 $1753.03
Total Amount of Interest $188,541.02 $107,296.21 $65,545
Total Amount Paid          $438,541.02 $357,296.21 $315,65,545

***The values in this table are approximate results of our calculations and can vary based on the type of credit you opt for. Please note that these are our examples and not offered by the financial institution.

Nationstar is a lender who will make your loan process as easy as possible. Nationstar Mortgage offers flexible loan options for various house types, from single homes to multifamily dwellings. Check the Nationstar mortgage rates to see if you can get a low rate. Leave any reviews you have on the Nationstar mortgage interest rates in the comment form below.

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