Quicken Loans is one of the most popular mortgage lenders in the country. It is also the largest online retail lender in the nation. It was established in 1985 as Rock Financial, and it is headquartered in Michigan. The name changed in 1999. The company offers numerous mortgage options, including fixed-rate or adjustable rate mortgages. You have the option of getting a jumbo mortgage if you need a larger loan. You can choose a 15-year term or you can go with a 30-year term. Refinance loans are also available. If you need a mortgage, it is important that you get up to date mortgage information as Quicken Loans mortgage rates change often. This article will provide you with the most useful and up to date information about the current mortgage rates.

Current Quicken Loans Mortgage Rates

You can find the most recent Quicken Loan mortgage rates right here. The current rates are as follows.

Type of Mortgage Rate Interest Rate APR (Annual Percentage Rate) (Annual Percentage Rate) Estimated Monthly Payment
30-year fixed 4.25% 4.532% $1241
15-year fixed 3.50% 3.945% $1804.77
10-year ARM 3.755% 4.144% $1224.46
5-year ARM 3.375% 4.105% $1148
7-year ARM 3.875% 4.541% $1164

***Rates can change without warning, so make sure you check back on the website for the latest information on mortgage rates.

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Quicken Loans Rates Additional Information

With an adjustable mortgage rate, the rate will be the same for a certain period of time. After that, your rate could increase or decrease depending on the market. You also have the option of a fixed rate mortgage. Fixed rate mortgage rates will stay the same throughout the life of the loan. If you start out with a low-interest rate, you probably want to choose the fixed rate option.

With Quicken Loans, you might want to research the 30-year mortgage rates as well as the 20-year mortgage rates. If you choose 15-year mortgage rates or 10-year mortgage rates, your payments will be higher but you will pay off the loan sooner. If you need a larger loan, jumbo mortgage rates are available. It is a good idea to use a mortgage rates calculator to see how much you can afford. You can find a calculator following this link.

If you already have a mortgage loan, you can refinance your mortgage. You might choose to refinance if you wish you get a lower monthly payment. You can also decrease the life of your loan by refinancing.

The home mortgage rates will depend on your credit score, credit history, loan amount, and down payment amount. After applying for a loan, you can lock in your rate for 40 days, and it cannot change. Quicken loan offers the Rocket Mortgage option. This reduces the amount of paperwork and speeds up the process. You can also purchase mortgage rates with Quicken Loans.

Quicken Loans is a leader in the mortgage industry. Quicken Loans mortgage rates are the lowest available. The company offers excellent customer service and easy online options. You can track your loan easily online, so you will know exactly how much money is due and when your next due date is. Quicken Loans is one of the easiest lenders to deal with.