Webster Bank has been operating since 1935. The company offers personalized solutions for its customers. You can apply for a fixed rate or an adjustable rate loan at an affordable rate. When purchasing a new home, you will need to get the lowest rate possible. This article will provide you with the latest information about Webster Bank mortgage rates.

Webster Bank Current Mortgage Rates

You can find information about rates on the Webster Bank website . The table below will give you the current mortgage rates.

Type of Mortgage Rate Interest Rate APR (Annual Percentage Rate) Estimated Monthly Payment
30-year fixed 3.62% 3.68% $1147.88
20-year fixed 3.50% 3.51% $1451.18
15-year fixed 2.75% 2.89% $1713.26
7/1 ARM 3.12% 3.62% $1139.42
5/1 ARM 3.00% 3.67% $1146.47
3/1 ARM 3.75% 3.96% $1187.78

***Rates, terms, and conditions can change each day, so you need to check the website for the latest information about mortgage rates.

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Webster Bank Mortgage Rates Additional Information

The most popular mortgage is a 30-year fixed loan. Many people also choose the 15-year fixed rate. 10-year fixed rates are also available, but the monthly payment amount will be higher. If the length of your loan is shorter, you will save money in interest.

With an adjustable rate loan, you will begin with an initial lower rate, so your monthly payment amount will be lower. However, the rate will change eventually, so your payments could go up or down according to the mortgage rates trend.

When you need a loan of more than $424,100, jumbo mortgage rates are available with fixed or adjustable rate mortgages. You can also refinance your mortgage if that is a good option for you. Refinance mortgage rates can allow you to save money.

Before you decide on an amount, use a mortgage calculator.

You can receive government assistance mortgages, or you can get a conventional mortgage. You can apply on the website and get pre-qualified for the loan. The company will give you a fast decision, and you can provide the necessary documentation.

Monthly Mortgage Payment Example

Type of Mortgage Rate 30-year fixed rate 20-year fixed rate 15-year fixed rate
Mortgage Amount $250,000 $250,000 $250,000
Interest Rate 3.62% 3.51% 2.89%
APR (Annual Percentage Rate) 3.68% 3.99% 3.53%
Number of Payments 360 240 180
Average Monthly Payment $1147.88 $1451.18 $1713.26
Total Amount of Interest $163,237.26  $98,284.23 $58,386.60
Total Amount Paid $413,237.26 $348,284.23 $308,386.60

***The values in this table are approximate results of our calculations and can vary based on the type of credit you opt for. Please note that these are our examples and not offered by the financial institution.

Webster Bank can help ease the stress of purchasing a new home. They will walk you through the application and make sure you understand the loan process. You will receive a quick decision regarding your loan, and the business will prepare you for closing. Webster Bank mortgage rates can allow you to purchase a fabulous home.