Zillow Group, more frequently known as Zillow, is an online real estate database that offers various services such as listing homes, buying/renting, a mortgage marketplace, and more. The Zillow mortgage account login process is a basic means of accessing and comparing numerous of lenders near your location. Between their official webpage and their apps for mobile devices, you have it easier than ever to manage your mortgage account. Read on to discover step-by-step guides for getting into these accounts.

Zillow Mortgage Account Login Steps

Viewing various mortgages on Zillow is not difficult. You can log into your Zillow account and manage mortgage options through the following steps:

  1. Go to the official Zillow webpage.
  2. If you have an account, select the blue Sign in link on the top right.
  3. Enter your email and your password, and select the blue Sign in button.
  4. To view mortgages, select the Mortgages link near the top of the webpage.
  5. You can compare mortgages from a list of several different lenders.
  6. Also, you can use their mortgage calculator.

Zillow Mobile Mortgage Account Login Steps

It is simple to access your Zillow mortgage account login through your mobile devices. If desired, you can view mortgage options similar to how you would on a computer:

  1. On your device, choose your preferred web browser, and reach the Zillow website at zillow.com.
  2. Select the blue and white Homepage icon on the upper right.
  3. Click the blue Sign in link.
  4. Enter your email and password, then click the blue Sign in button.
  5. If you want to view various mortgage options, select the blue and white Homepage icon, then tap on Mortgages.

Zillow Mobile Login Steps for Apple Users

There is also a comprehensive app that is compatible with both Apple and Android devices that makes the Zillow mortgage account login process quicker and easier. One way you can access their mortgage app is by entering your phone number so they can text you the free app. Otherwise, you can follow the steps outlined below for Apple and Android devices:

  1. Find the Zillow Mortgages app in the App Store and install the app.
  2. Locate the blue and white Mortgages icon and launch the app.
  3. You can view a number of options by selecting the menu button in the upper right corner.

Zillow Mobile Login Steps for Android Users

  1. Search and locate the Mortgage Calculator & Rates app in the Google Play store.
  2. Tap on the green Install button to download.
  3. Use the blue menu button in the upper right corner to manage your mortgages.

Customer Support & Useful Links

There are potential technical issues you can experience during the Zillow mortgage account login process. The following details some support options you can use:

  • You can access Zillow’s Mortgage Tools to find answers to certain questions.
  • For Apple users, you can view their Mobile FAQs for support.
  • Android users can view an alternative Mobile FAQs section.
  • Any questions you cannot find answers to, you can submit a request through their online form.


In conclusion, the Zillow mortgage account login is a straightforward way to view, manage, and compare various mortgages. You can keep in touch with professionals, and in the event you ever need any support, Zillow has a number of options for you such as thorough FAQs and an online form you can submit at any time.

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